What a difference a year makes!  We are so happy that we have not experienced the flooding that many in the Midwest are dealing with.  We will continue to monitor the river levels and flow rate; it seems like we are on a good trend to allow us to safely kayak in a few short weeks.  This year we have many reservations already booked and hope that means that people are enjoying our services.

This year we are planning to install a kayak launch in the City of Otsego.  This will allow easier access to the 2 hour river trip leading to the Trowbridge Dam.  More on that in just a few short weeks!  We continue to work to enhance the recreational opportunities on our river!

The Kalamazoo River is safe and you should not be concerned with getting in to enjoy this terrific resource we have in SW Michigan.  If ever there is contamination of the river water that would adversely affect your health and safety we will not provide rentals and would communicate the concerns.  Lois is a member of the Community Advisory Group that works with the EPA on the Allied Paper/Portage Creek/Kalamazoo River/Superfund Site.   If you have any question please contact me directly @ [email protected]

Until opening day – Saturday, May 25 at 10 AM we will be counting the days to begin our 2019 season with you!